Each year, VAR organizes events and workshops that are significant to the community – ranging from immigration forums, district elections, public health resource fairs, community cooking classes and more. Within each of our events, we build on the need to understand and pass on our cultural traditions. It is crucial to build on our intergenerational goals to bridge the gap of understanding and empowerment for our future generations.

Though our cultural events, we learn more about our community’s potential to narrate our stories, vocalize our issues, and mobilize our people. We have reflected on our past experiences and contemplated our future goals. We have acted on the interests of the Vietnamese-American community and our cultural values.

As refugees and children of refugees, we are mindful of the tragic conflicts around the world that have led to the exodus of millions of people from their homes. VAR seeks to encourage an understanding of the Vietnamese American immigrant experience and how it weaves together our past, present and future.

2020 Black April Commemoration
2019 Black April Commemoration
2018 Black April Commemoration
2017 Black April Commemoration
2016 Black April Commemoration
2015 Black April Commemoration
2014 Black April Commemoration
Tet – Lunar New Year
Tet – Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Cooking with Culture: Cơm Back to Vietnam