As part of our commitment to civic engagement, we are rolling out a voter registration grant to ten college or high school student organizations. We have been inspired by youth this year as we have seen the next generation of advocates organize marches across the country, and if you are part of this effort, or want to get involved in mobilizing your friends and family, we are here to support you! Our goal is for each organization to register at least 25 eligible people.

To be eligible for this grant, your student organization must be based at a high school or college campus within Santa Clara County. Only one organization per campus will be given this grant. If chosen, you will be provided the following:

1. 25 boba drinks to be distributed to those who volunteer or to those who register to vote (big thanks to our partner SHINCHA TEA for their generosity!).
2. $100 to help cover the cost for setting up voter registration drives.
3. Training on how to be effective in getting your friends and family registered.
4. Voter registration materials to help get you started ready to go!

There will also be additional prizes and recognition for the organization that is the most effective in voter registration. The grant application period runs from September 25 to October 9, and your student organization can set up voter registration drives through November 6th, Election Day! Sign up today and let’s get started!


For more information, email us at