VAR recognizes the importance of civic engagement to improve the quality of life and further the goals of the Vietnamese-American community. We seek to engage the community by providing opportunities for our community to participate in the process, whether through education and outreach, participation in voter registration initiatives, and through using our collective voices to shape our lives.

We inform the community of recent changes in the law to protect individual rights; we participate in voter registration drives; and we recruit volunteers for poll monitoring, canvassing, and phone banking. We encourage individuals to uphold their civic duties to make a difference in our community.

VAR COVID-19 Response
VAR 2020 Census Response
SEEDS Summer Program
2020 Santa Clara County’s Voter Choice Act
2018 Student Voter Registration Contest
2018: Vietnamese American Community Symposium on Immigration
San Jose District 7 Candidate Forum | Video by VietVungVinh
2018 API Policy Summit
2014 San Jose Mayoral Election Forum
Monthly Naturalization & Voter Registration