Over the last four decades, immigration policy has played a key role in shaping the Vietnamese diaspora throughout the United States. Every single person in our community can trace his or her roots back to a refugee from Vietnam, a sponsored relative, or a beneficiary of an immigration visa program. The growth of the Vietnamese American communities throughout this country would not be possible without asylum, refugee, and family-based immigration policies, which we have relied upon and benefited from. Yet these programs are now undergoing significant challenges under the current administration.

On January 27, 2018, the Vietnamese American Roundtable partnered with numerous agencies and community-based organizations in an effort to explain these changes and their potential impact to the local community members, explore potential solutions, and where appropriate, to lay the foundation for a united response.

The attendance community that showed up was inspiring. Approximately 80 members of the community, local activists, and policy leaders participated in an all-day session to learn from each other and discover what the current and potential changes to immigration policy are, what the effects have been, and what is being done about them.

There is a common misperception that national immigration policy has very little impact on the Vietnamese community, but as we learned that day, and are continuing to learn, the proposed changes on the national front will likely have a detrimental and direct longstanding impact to our community that we need to be prepared to address.


With special thanks to our speakers, volunteers, partner organizations, elected leaders, and our attendees for making this a thoughtful and productive meeting.

Asian Law Alliance
Lee’s Sandwiches
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations
SJC Office of Immigration Affairs
Office of Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
Assemblymember Ash Kalra
Supervisor Cindy Chavez
Supervisor Dave Cortese
San Jose Councilmember Tam Nguyen
San Jose Vice-Mayor Magdalena Carrasco
ESUHSD Board of Trustee Lan Nguyen
Progressive Vietnamese American Organization(PIVOT)
International Children Assistance Network (ICAN)
Asian Health Services
Santa Clara Public Defender’s Office
Asian Prisoner Support Committee
Vietnamese Bar Association of Northern California (VABANC) & Law Foundation
Silver Creek High School Interact Club
Westmont High School Key Club

Resource Orgs:
Pangea Legal Services
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN)
Tahirih Justice Center
Vietnamese Voluntary Organization (VIVO)
People Acting in Community Together (PACT)- VietUnity – SouthBay
Katharine & George Alexander Law Center (KGACLC)
Step Forward Foundation
Catholic Charities
SCC Rapid Response Network

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